2024 Playful Yogi 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Application

Please fill out the following application completely and click submit. You will then be guided to the payment page for the deposit.


In order to pass this program and receive your certification, you will be evaluated on full attendance, all assignments, practicum assessments, final exam and overall studentship.

ATTENDANCE: ALL SCHEDULED SESSIONS MUST BE ATTENDED AND/OR ACCOUNTED FOR. The attendance policy is outlined below. Except for emergency situations, all absences must be approved in advance by the program director.

  1. A maximum of 20 hours may be missed if arranged in advance and approved by the program director.
  2. The trainee must reschedule any pre-approved missed hours with a trainer.
  3. The trainee must pay an additional cost for (a) private session(s) with a program trainer to make up the missed hours at the rate of $60 per hour.
  4. The number of hours to be made up and the appropriate teacher is determined by the lead trainer.
  5. Make-up sessions must be made up prior to the next training session, along with completion of any assignments.
  6. Special considerations will be made in the case of illnesses and emergencies which will be at the program director’s discretion.
  7. Unapproved absences may result in dismissal from the program. In this case, graduation will be at the sole discretion of the program director.

PUNCTUALITY: Unexcused and repeated tardiness will lead to docked time from training that will need to be made up as per the attendance policy outlined above. Please be mindful and courteous of your training team and fellow trainees and arrive for all training sessions on time.

ASSIGNMENTS: ALL HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS AND PROJECTS ARE TO BE COMPLETED ON TIME. Homework assignments include but are not limited to: worksheets, written reflections, reading, partner projects, recorded assignments, and open book quizzes.

ASSESSMENTS: Students need a passing grade of the final practicum and final exam, and a satisfactory assessment of all evaluations in order to graduate. Students will have practicum assessments and evaluations throughout the program to prepare them sufficiently for a successful completion of the program.

STUDENTSHIP AND CLASSROOM ETIQUETTE: In order to ensure a positive learning environment for all, we have outlined the following commitments:

  1. Aim for presence and mindfulness
  2. Engage with the material and learning process with enthusiasm
  3. Maintain integrity with interactions and communication
  4. Respect yourself and others at all times – no gossip, no side conversations during presentations and practice sessions
  5. Endeavor for accountability and professionalism in all actions
  6. No cell phone use during training times (we understand there are emergency situations where a cell phone may be necessary, and that it is a tool to be used for recording/photographing for self-study, however we request that you do not text, make/take phone calls or engage in social media during training sessions)