Playful Yogi Space is a space where all yogis can play.

Opened in 2017, PYS is a yoga and movement studio in Orangeburg, NY, where yogis of all ages and levels are invited to come and learn the ancient gifts that yoga offers. Located at historic Bell-ans, a beautiful old Victorian pill factory from 1897 turned center for creative and healing arts, the space is open, airy, and full of light. A unique environment full of farm animal rescues and surrounded by nature, where old world meets new and the playful creative spirit is awakened, Playful Yogi Space at Bell-ans is a special oasis for those seeking sanctuary from the busy-ness of daily life, a deeper connection to the peace within. It is a space where all are invited to connect to their playful side, embracing yoga as a discipline for body and mind but also allowing the spirit to open and express itself, whether through movement or stillness. Come and choose from a wide offering of classes, from beginner to experienced, intense movement or slow, subtle and deep. Embrace the playful yogi in you.

First class is always free*, so sign up today and come play!


We are located at:
103 S. Greenbush Rd.
Orangeburg, NY 10962
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*For local residents only.