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Cacao Ceremony with Jyotir Barbagallo

  • Playful Yogi Space Orangeburg 103 South Greenbush Road Orangeburg, NY, 10962 United States (map)

Cacao is a heart-opening medicine plant. It was known to the ancient Maya as heart blood, and their mythology foretells that when humankind falls out of harmony with nature, cacao will come out of the rainforest to teach us to live from our hearts. 

We serve a high vibrational cacao grown for generations by small tribes in the Guatemalan rainforest, selected for its energetic qualities and high theobromine content, mixed with a delicious blend of warm spices and maple syrup. Through guided meditations, sounding and an intuitive use of a variety of processing tools and techniques, Jyotir works with cacao to help people open their hearts and get in touch with their true essence.

Ceremonies typically begin with a group practice to connect with the medicine and raise our collective vibration. This prepares us for an inner journey to get in touch with what we're ready to work with: whether you're ready to step into a more heart-centered way of living, reconnect with your inner child, rediscover your own magic, or let go of what's holding you back from your full potential, these ceremonies are both a container and a permission slip for you to dive deep and work in partnership with one of humanity's most ancient spiritual guides, Theobroma Cacao.

Laugh, sigh, sing, cry, let loose, let go, shine and overflow.

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$45 - Includes authentic Guatemalan cacao!
Pre-registration only!
Due to the preparation required of the cacao we can only accommodate those who have pre-registered. Please click below to register and secure your spot! Thank you!

Saturday, August 10th
Playful Yogi Space Orangeburg

Sunday, August 25th
Playful Yogi Space Nyack


About Jyotir

Five years ago I had a moment of remembrance. Alone in a dark retreat, in the basement of an abandoned building on a desolate dirt road in the highlands of Guatemala, I stopped projecting an image of self and simply allowed myself to be. It wasn’t the orgasmic peak of blissful union towards which I had imagined I was heading; it was a mind-numbingly simple experience of effortless overflowing. No teachings, methods, or ideologies were needed. Full expression of my own being required only that I allow presence to express itself through me uninhibited. In surrender to this, I made a vow to remove all the barriers I'd built against myself and live fully from my heart. That vow led me into service.

For four years I have been co-creating and maintaining containers for others to explore their own depths and find their own essence. In this way, I have honored my own journey of expansion, continually learning and growing with a widening community of people all living from the heart.