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MESSAGES from SPIRIT: A Channeling Workshop with Dr. Pam Denton

  • Playful Yogi Space 103 South Greenbush Road Orangeburg, NY, 10962 United States (map)

This workshop has been cancelled and will be rescheduled in the fall. Please check back for more information. Thank you!


Join Dr. Pam at Playful Yogi Space and experience opening your chakras to receive intuitive guidance!  


Learn how you can open, allow and receive guidance from higher self and higher communication of Spirit. Learn how spirit communicates with you every day and discover how to listen to messages.

Pam will take you through a series of foundational channeling exercises for opening your body and chakras to receive higher vibrational energy and guidance. You will breathe, meditate, experience spirit energetically and journal with Dr. Pam, discovering how your nervous system is the conduit for energy flow and spiritual information.

The exercises will OPEN the flow of spirit, ALLOW you to receive intuitive information, and ALIGN your energy flow with the power of a spirit-guided life. You do not need to believe in spirit guides to attend! However, a curiosity of the other side and conscious expansion is a benefit.

A powerful, intuitive and energetic presence is awakened during this workshop—and you’ll enjoy being completely present in the heart to experience the power of spiritual guidance. 

Saturday, June 2nd
$30 if you pre-register - or for unlimited members
$35 at the door

About Dr. Pam Denton

Dr. Pam has communicated with spirit since being a young child however her spiritual powers awakened fully when she was working on Nervous Systems as a Chiropractor. As she navigated the healer world, she was guided to different experiences and lessons that would heighten her awareness, opening her to channel as a platform for world peace and change.

Dr. Pam channels spiritual insight and higher communication that moves you into new strategies for living a healthy and prosperous life. Her communication with spirit helps you remove obstacles, get unstuck, and receive insight to difficult and challenging situations.

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Within Pam's work as a spirit messenger, you’ll discover and define what empowerment looks like On the Other Side, with source power and universal guidance. Working with spirit guides, you will learn how to pass through the wall of stuck and sabotage to get to the true form of your purpose and abundance.

Dr. Pam is a Speaker, Author and Intuitive, and has earned the trust of many people who had limited solutions to life's challenges until they experienced spirit guidance. Her work has influenced incredible positive change and includes rock-stars, actors, business owners, women, millionaires, families, children and animals. She is a positive influence in many people’s lives and her skills range from intuition and spirit communication to medical medium communication. 

Dr. Pam believes we all can access higher positive communication to expand consciousness and PLAY BIG, and her work involves teaching and training people how to channel positive life-force and spirit guidance for health, purpose, money and business.  She is the founder of The Intuitive Expo, author of On the Other Side: Messages from Spirit for Women and is the visionary for a wave of positive spiritual change on earth. You can check out more about Dr. Pam Denton at and