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CREATING SPACE for INNOCENCE: A Guided Meditation of Self Discovery with Kellie Walsh & Lee Farber

Join us for this journey of healing and discovery, through sound and word, guided by Kellie Walsh and supported by the music of Lee Farber. 

In this workshop we will channel the energies of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Chakra to transform our inner child to the Phoenix Child of Rebirth. Creating a space for the innocence of our youth, to integrate within the wisdom of our maturity. Regaining the playfulness we once felt, becoming more joyful and loving. Manifesting our destiny from a place of love, compassion and freedom when we let go of our own self-imposed limitations. 

Lee will intuitively guide us with crystal and singing bowls and percussion, as Kellie channels through opening to the heart center to take you on a journey of self discovery.  

$25 pre-registration or for unlimited members
$30 day of the workshop



About Kellie

Kellie is the founder of The Divine Hive and is originally from the Boston area. She has studied and taught in the worlds of spiritual and physical health and fitness her entire life. For the last 6 years she has been studying Quantum Meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza. She spends time daily in quiet meditation to connect to her own 'authentic self' and to develop a deeper relationship to the 'Divine.' 

About Lee

A versatile musician, Lee had a Buddhist Initiation in 1998 and since then has followed a daily practice in prayer, yoga, and meditation. For over 20 years he has been teaching, passing on the knowledge and the joy he has for music and healing.