Class Descriptions

At Playful Yogi Space we want you to find the type of class and level that feels right for you, right now. While we encourage students to try all types of classes and do what they can, we understand that not every class is for everyone. Our classes range from slow moving, gentle and deeply meditative approaches that are perfect for all levels of experience, such as Yin, Restorative Yin and Slow Flow, to increased dynamic movement combined with pranayama breathing techniques and deep asana work in Dharma Flow and Mindful Vinyasa, to more challenging practices that combine asana sequencing with the breath for a moving meditation, such as Flow and Power Hour. We also offer series in Animal Flow®, a quadropedal, multi-planar movement technique that takes us off the mat and into deep conditioning, Barefoot Bootcamp for strengthening using resistance training for cardio, and for our younger yogis we have special programs in Kids Yoga! For more information about each of our class types, please see below. 



Our most dynamic yoga class, Vinyasa synchronizes breath with movement as students focus on flowing mindfully between postures. In a Vinyasa class, students awaken their strength, energy and flexibility in an upbeat atmosphere, enjoying a fun playlist as they explore their body and breath. Our Power Hour class is a vigorous and mindful flow, building strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Whether it’s Vinyasa Flow or Power Hour, you can expect a great cardiovascular and strength-building workout combined with breath work. With all-level, level I/II and level II/III options offered, Vinyasa Flow is a fun, playful class that allows each student to strengthen, energize and release while furthering their practice, creating a deeply satisfying experience.

hatha w suzie.jpg


An all-level class that takes you deep within using breath work, dynamic movement and longer holds to explore the postures fully. Hatha is a potent alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes alignment and breath while entering, holding, and leaving the posture. Hatha yoga is excellent for students who appreciate longer holds in individual postures and prefer a slower and more meditative approach to practice, while still reaping the benefits of a physical practice. Beginning yogis are welcome as are more experienced practitioners for no matter where you are in your practice, you will find deep release and inner focus in this class, expanding your journey on the mat.



A meditative experience for both the mind and body, Yin Yoga poses require little or no muscular exertion; each pose is held for several minutes with or without the use of props (blankets, bolsters and blocks). Without the distraction of constant movement and muscle engagement, your connective tissues have the opportunity to stretch and release. Though you will receive intentional guidance during the class to notice any thoughts of sensations arising in your body, this is a practice of silence and stillness. Participants leave feeling grounded, nourished and restored. No yoga or meditation experience is needed and all levels are welcome.



Using the principles of body-weight resistance and high intensity interval training, our Full Body Fitness class is just that, a full-body workout that strengthens and conditions all the muscle groups of the body with high intensity cardio. Though not a yoga class, deep stretching is incorporated into the workout to help open the body and take the heart rate down between conditioning intervals. Offered twice a week, this class is designed to complement a regular yoga practice by strengthening the body so you can feel good on and off the mat.

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Kids Yoga at PYS is designed to get the kids moving and using tools to channel energy, release stress and make healthy choices! Using yoga-based games we explore different postures and breathing techniques, and learn about mindfulness and stillness practices. Our little yogis develop tools to help with stress, anxiety and learn about their bodies in a safe and fun environment. We offer weekly sessions for different age groups: 5-7 year-olds, 8-10 year-olds and we now offer Tween Yoga sessions, for 11-13 year-olds. Pre-registration for each session will be announced on the site and via email, so check back soon for more information about the next session!